Welcome Darlings!

< < < Watch my work unfold in real time while clients laugh, dance and have the very best time ever!! I hope we can meet up soon... new friends are my most favorite! > > >

A session with me is a custom experience from start to finish. I specializes in a natural lifestyle type of photography which focuses on storytelling and not perfectly posed unnatural imagery. I want to photograph you as you are, your love story from start to finish, the imperfections, loudness, uniqueness, and the priceless treasure of your everyday. 


How do I book with Cayton Heath Photography? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the "START HERE" tab and read the information provided for you
  2. If after you read the Start Here section and you still have questions unanswered please click "CONTACT" and I will answer them for you!
  3. If you feel confident in my work and would like to book with me please click on the "READY TO BOOK" tab and fill out the contract
  4. Once I receive your contract I will get in touch with you and get a session schedule! YAY!

WOW! Its that simple! I am just giddy with excitement about meeting you! So lets get things going now shall we!?!